A great kitchen staff makes for a good restaurant
Would You Like to be a Chef at a Great Restaurant?
There are Some Good Culinary Training Programs Available
Many Programs Can Be Completed Rather Quickly
Some Schools Offer Job Placement and Career Help

West Virginia

Working as a professional cook can be pretty great, but is it right for you?

This website is a brief handbook to help you learn about many of the popular culinary arts and chef training schools on the market.

These schools feature education in the vital and key subjects, including food preparation concepts, professional cook skills, baking and roasting, professional kitchen layout and processes, meal preparation and hospitality operations.

Several of the common education programs include:
1. A customized training achievement qualification
2. An Associate Degree in the Culinary Arts
3. An Applied Science Degree in Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts
4. A Bachelor’s of Art in Restaurant Management degree

Charleston WV restaurant kitchen team organizing salads under the supervision of the main chefTraining programs range in duration from the one-year focused teaching diplomas up to the four-year university degrees.

A large number of institutions deliver courses in the evenings along with throughout the day as they attempt to give pupils as much flexibility as it can, as they understand that plenty of students have full-time employment or have family commitments.

Most of these schools make sure they supply employment and professional growth services to their current students and graduates. These services usually get started even before graduation as many individuals will be placed with an paid internship program with a city restaurant.

Plenty of institutions additionally have a restaurant or cafe at campus where individuals receive additional hands-on working experience and will improve their kitchen skills in a real kitchen environment.

The hands of the working cook are super busy all day at his jobPlenty of graduates secure their first job with a nice restaurant, baking shop, party caterer, resort, cruise ship or other type of commercial kitchen setting.

Many cities do not have a good culinary arts university, many are found just in the larger cities.

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There are some good options:

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Passionate about a culinary career? Get hands-on training from professional chefs at Lincoln Culinary Institute. Choose from day or evening classes, earn a Diploma or Associate Degree. Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Programs vary by campus.


  • Culinary Arts and Food Services
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  • B.S. in Hospitality Management
  • Degrees offered include Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and Master of Business Administration.
  • Students are instructed in relevant business skills like communication, mathematics, and management.
  • Coursework emphasizes the development of project management, communication, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.
  • Flexible, 100% online and campus based programs available.


  • AAS in Business Administration - Hospitality Management
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    Charleston and WV have more schools with other options, such as two-year degrees at http://www.associatedegreesonline.org.